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OKR Consulting

Steer the Ship

Want to build a winning team? Let us help you steer the ship with one of the most celebrated goal setting methods of Silicon Valley.

OKR Software

Laser Sharp Focus

UpRaise, our flagship product is already making dents as a strategy management tool. More importantly though, it doesn’t break your bank.


Here's what we excel at

Atlassian Plugins

Been there, done that. If you need customisations of your Atlassian toolset, get in touch. We have got the experience & knowledge. See our JIRA plugins below.

Collaboration Tools

Want to move away from disparate development tools & adopt Atlassian’s suite for making your team more efficient? We are here to help.

Software Development

A top notch development team with multi-technology expertise is ready to take on the challenge. Managed by seasoned architects & geeks we’ll build a scalable product for you.

MVP Launch

You’ve got an idea? Great, we can take it to market with optimal resource utilisation. MVP & MLP consulting are our forte. Including marketing assistance to match the product soul.

Our Products

Add-ons for Atlassian

UpRaise is an Agile performance management add-on for JIRA. It enhances your JIRA with Objectives & Key ResultsContinuous Feedback & Performance Review capabilities. Tight integration with JIRA & you’ll have an unmatched employee performance management process in place.

Want to build a winning team? Try out UpRaise today.

Release Notes is a tiny but important part of the overall release management process. Teams spend considerable amount of time in compiling release notes. If all your tasks management happens in JIRA, automating the compilation process is an ideal outcome achieved by Automated release notes.

Simple, but addresses real pain point. Try Automated Release Notes for JIRA today.

Embedder for Confluence is a neat little plugin, that lets you see a Confluence space content – anywhere anytime. For every confluence space, you can generate a small snippet of code that can be inserted in any of the webpages. This makes the web-widget accessible from the webpage.

Quick setup, better customer retention. Checkout a live demo.